About Marseille

A city of tourism

Marseille is the metropolis of south-east France and even more of the Mediterranean basin. It was founded around 600 BC by Greek sailors from Phocaea in Asia Minor, which has earned it the name of “Cité Phocéenne”.
The city has many assets: the sea, the sun, nature and culture. Its accessibility and its friendly inhabitants are also strong values ​​that Marseille is proud to represent

From the Old Port to the Calanques, passing by the “Good Mother”, Marseille is a territory with varied and surprising landscapes. Green and natural spaces stretch as far as the eye can see around the city. Traces of a rich history are ubiquitous across architecture, culture and people. By its age, its characteristic culture, its strong identity and its ethnic mix, Marseille is today one of the most cosmopolitan cities of France.

A stopover in the heart of the Mediterranean

Marseille is a cosmopolitan and lively city that attracts every year a crowd of tourists from all over the world. Classified city of art and history, it develops its economic and cultural dynamism, today in full expansion. Tourism and leisure are one of the key drivers of the Marseille economy. This sector generates nearly 18,000 jobs at all skill levels.

With 444 events (recorded on 31/08/17), Marseille is positioned as the French and Mediterranean city of reference in the organization of congresses and seminars.

With more than 1.6 million passengers, Marseille is the first cruise port in France, the 5th largest port in the world, and is one of the top 15 ports in the world.

  • Easy access: international airport, low-cost terminal, TGV, motorways …
  • Easy going: metro, tram, bus …
  • Easy to enjoy: mild temperatures, maximum sunshine, beautiful landscapes, welcoming and warm culture.
  • Much to discover: palaces, Greek and Roman ruins, churches and cathedrals, castles and botanical gardens …
  • Many cultural activities: 20 museums, 1 opera, 42 theaters, 11 cinemas …
  • A growing business district, La Joliette, with refurbished docks, the elite of tertiary companies and the headquarters of Euroméditerranée.